1300m track rails through forests
Jumps, flip-flap, spins 540 ° ...
A Roller Coaster in mountain !

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Opening & schedules

 Luge Alpine Coaster & Chamonix Amusement Park are open daily from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Planards Ski Area is closed


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Special groups

groupesAre you in charge of a holiday centre, leisure camp, or school group? Why not plan a fun day out and organise an exciting day of discovery in Chamonix!.

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News of the Park

Luge Alpine Coaster & Chamonix Amusement Park are open

daily from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm 

 Planards Ski Area is closed


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Welcome to Les Planards Ski Area and the Chamonix Luge Alpine Coaster !

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  • Télésiège 4 places des Planards
  • Luge Alpine Coaster de Chamonix
  • Un paysage somptueux !
  • Ouvert tous les jours cet hiver !!!
  • Plan du domaine skiable des Planards et de la Luge de Chamonix
  • Domaine skiable spécialement dédié aux enfants et skieurs débutants !
  • La Luge Alpine Coaster de Chamonix


Ski resort at 5 minutes from the center of Chamonix. A great place to spend some time with family, friends or group. For children and adults, the Planards ski area is open for beginners to the competitors, all lifts are available: beginner ski area, 1 children carpet and 1 rope belt (in partnership with ESF) , 2 skiifts, a 4-seater chairlift delivers a beginner track, 2 green runs, a blue run and a red run. Snow garantie by 42 snow cannons. 2.5 km of tracks. 

Chamonix Luge Alpine Coaster : THE family game in town ! Open to everybody every days ! 

A mountain Roller Coaster ! 1 300 m on rails ! Jumps, spins 540°...

 Fun & Sensations garanteed !

Free Parking 200 spaces, bar and restaurant self-service, ski rental, French ski school: Piou-Piou Kids daycare.